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Class 4 Impact Resistant (Offered in Each Shingle Type)

Impact shingles have been around for the past 14 years, but have just recently gotten very popular over the last few years due to insurance companies offering discounts to homeowners if they install Class 4 shingles on their homes. Discounts will vary depending on your location in the state along with the type of coverage provided. It's important to contact your agent and discuss the number of savings you will receive on your premiums.

The discounts offered makes this option very appealing to homeowners. Visit the Texas Department of Insurance for a more detailed explanation of the Class 4 option.

It's important to understand that Class 4 doesn't necessarily look different than your standard laminated shingle - they can still be damaged by hail if the hail is large enough. The key to its strength is in the way the shingle is manufactured. Each shingle must meet Underwriters Laboratories strict UL 2218 test before they can be classified as a Class 4. The test consists of dropping steel balls on the surface of the shingle to simulate hail stones. Always remember - if the package or individual shingle does not say UL 2218 or Impact Resistant Shingle, then it is not considered to be Class 4.

The Class 4 discounts apply to almost all metal roofs. Even metal roofs must meet the UL 2218 test. However, it's important to understand that with metal roofs you may have to sign a cosmetic waiver on your roof to receive the Class 4 discount. The roof can get dented by hailstones, but still serve its intended purpose. In this case the insurance would say that it's cosmetic and not pay you for a new roof. You should put careful consideration into this because metal holds up very well in hail but can often get dented.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs (Decra)

Stone-coated steel roofs are 26-gauge zinc-coated metal panels with an epoxy coating embedded with color granules. They are available in four basic profiles - shake, tile, barrel tile, and shingle. They also come in over 20 colors to match any style of home or business. These roofs are extremely strong, and will hold up very well in the harsh West Texas weather.

Benefits of the stone-coated steel roofs 
  • Class 4 UL 2218 hail rating - qualifies for discounts on insurance premiums
  • Class A fire rating - qualifies for discounts on insurance premiums
  • Energy efficient - can help save you thousands of dollars on your energy bill over a fiberglass shingle
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and provide excellent curb appeal
  • They withstand the test of time - stone-coated steel has been installed in the U.S. for over 50 years
  • Lifetime warranty - most products exclude any hail coverage under the roof warranty. It also carries a 120 mph wind rating while most fiberglass shingles are only between 50 and 75 mph
  • Stone-coated steel weighs less than a fiberglass shingle

Wood - Cedar Shakes and Shingles (Watkins)

A cedar shake roof has a distinctive look which people often find appealing. However, using cedar shakes for roofing has several advantages beyond the basic aesthetics. When considering your roofing options, cedar shakes are definitely an option to think about. Although a roof made with cedar shakes can be more expensive to install than other roofing materials, the cost may be outweighed by some of the numerous benefits - including long-term durability.

Cedar shakes are made by carefully cutting down and splitting pieces of cedar - a soft wood that grows in many regions of the world. In some areas, cedar is a traditional roofing material due to the natural abundance of cedar trees. Many roofs with wooden shingles are made from cedar.

A shake roof tends to have a more rustic look, and can mesh well with a wide variety of architectural styles. They can also be environmentally friendly if the cedar is harvested and processed in a sustainable way - in contrast with roofing materials made from nonrenewable resources like petroleum products.

One of the biggest advantages to a cedar shake roof is its durability. Cedar naturally resists insects and UV damage, and can also withstand hail and heavy storms. Several manufacturers even treat their cedar shakes with fire-resistant chemicals to make them safer for roofing than ordinary shakes.

The benefits of proper installation
  • Shakes should remain flat
  • Minimal shrinkage and splitting over their lifetime
  • Minimal loss of shakes should be experienced in heavy weather

Composition Shingles (GAF/ELK, Malarkey, Certainteed)

Composition shingles are the most common type of shingles installed today. They are known by several names, including fiberglass shingles, 30-year, dimensional, laminated, or architectural shingles. These types of shingles tend to be the least expensive route for homeowners to re-roof a house. There is a wide array of different styles and thicknesses to these shingles, and we'll break them down into three basic categories.

3-tab shingles

3-tab shingles are the least expensive shingles the market has to offer. They have tabs or slots cut out of the shingle, hence the name 3-tab. It is a very lightweight shingle, and is not recommended in high-wind areas. Because the 3-tab shingle is made so thin, it tends to show any defect or flaw in your decking or underlayment. 3-tab shingles generally come with 20-year or 25-year warranty, although most manufacturers are currently phasing out the 20-year shingles.

Laminated (Architectural)

Laminated or architectural shingles - once called a 30-year shingle - are now called a lifetime shingle. Most roofs in the West Texas area last between 12-15 years due to the frequent hail storms. These shingles are a giant step up from the typical 3-tab shingles, and tend to hold up much better in high-wind areas. These shingles also have more depth and thickness, and are made to give the appearance of a wood-shingle roof.

Heavy dimensional

These are the high-end shingles in the composite shingle category. Heavy dimensional shingles tend to be extremely thick. The laminated and 3-tab shingles come in three bundles per square, while these ones are usually five bundles per square. These shingles are a big step up from the laminated shingle when it comes to the cost.

Metal Roofing (Metal Mart)

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular as composition shingles rise in price. We believe metal is an excellent alternative for your roof. As you drive around your neighborhood you'll see metal roofs in many different types, and installed on all types of homes. The key to longevity of a metal roof is in how the roof is installed. Is all the flashing installed correctly? Eave metal edging, chimney and skylight flashing, and the vent pipes are the areas that take extra care and experience to do properly. 

We understand the cost associated with installing metal roofing, and we always make sure the metal roofs we install will provide you with years of worry-free service. Our metal roofs carry the Class 4 hail resistance rating, which means you could qualify for a discount off of your insurance premiums. The one drawback to the Class 4 discount comes when the insurance companies require you to sign a "cosmetic endorsement" - which means your insurance company won't pay for any damage on the roof if they only consider it cosmetic. This should be considered very carefully since a new metal roof is so expensive in relationship to the small discount insurance companies offer.

The benefits of metal roofing
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Fire-resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Class 4 hail resistance rating
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